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Commitment & Values

Our values are reflected in our day-to- day operations and allow us to build an outstanding business and team.


Les Aliments Levitts, a Quebec family
business, has built a strong reputation in the field of meat processing for national and international clients. Les Aliments Levitts is proud of its exceptional and experienced team, and is constantly on the lookout for new technology to ensure a safe environment and top quality products.


All of our decisions reflect our values
which include effort, customer service, teamwork, respect, and continuous improvement through research and efficiency.


Levitts builds strong relationships with
its employees, suppliers, business partners and clients, based on trust and loyalty. We are dedicated to passing on our skill, knowledge and passion for meat products from one generation to the next.


Our factory in Montreal’s LaSalle borough is easily accessible and boasts a surface area of 40,000 square feet.

The factory is equipped with an optimized production chain and is certified HACCP and SQF by the Canadian Federal Inspection Agency (CFIA).



4.5 million pounds
of meat processed
55,000 Pounds
of spices
6 languages
More than
30 recipes
More than 4.6 Million
pouches of smoked meat


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You will work with a professional team dedicated to sharing its knowledge and experience, and always ready to listen to any new ideas you might have to help make Levitts an outstanding organization.



The Lauzon family starts a food business in Montreal, later acquiring factories and becoming a major company in the agri-food sector—now in its seventh generation of success.


Nathan Levitts opens a small deli on St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. A few years later, the family builds a small factory behind the store to produce hotdogs for local grocery stores. The Levitts family business quickly expands and becomes one of the top kosher food processing companies in Canada. Its many products are distributed throughout Canada and abroad.


The company constructs a high-tech factory in Montreal. The Levitts family focuses on innovation and performance while maintaining the taste and tradition of its products. From the start, the business has been built on a passion for quality and local foods and products.


The business is bought by the Lauzon group, and becomes primarily specialized in meat products.


The company launches the new Smoked Meat Montreal Angus 500-g package in all major grocery stores. This product quickly becomes one of the company’s flagship products. The Aliments Levitts team is proud to carry on the classics of Quebec and Canadian cuisine like smoked meat.


Les Aliments Levitts inc. launches a typically Canadian product: maple pork ribs. This product is a huge success in hotels and restaurants and among consumers.


The factory operates on a continuous improvement model, and aims not just to meet but to exceed standards. To this end, a $2.5 million investment is made to improve air quality.


The Levitts team totals 75 employees dedicated to customer service. The company has successfully preserved its family values and strong ties with its business partners by developing close relationships with key players in the agri-food market and industry.

This same year, the company renovates its raw products department.


Levitts invests in online marketing and launches its first website.